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During the time I spent in the OR as a Surgical Technologist and SPD Supervisor, the phrase of, "What if it's your mother on the table?" seemed to just be something people said. While my daughter was on the OR table all the feelings of complete helplessness came over me. The Surgeon, Surgical Technician, and  Anesthesiologist were all picked and preferred by me with the knowledge I had of them. SPD confirmed all instruments were processed properly and no issues. Still the feeling was an unwavering anxiety. We were so blessed that she had a great outcome. It was after that day that I knew what every family member feels while they entrust their child, sibling, Father, family, loved one, or Mother to be treated with the best care possible, dignity, respect, love, and care we all expect and hope for. This is the basis of Streamline Hospital Services.
Below is a personal reference from
John Robert Bookwalter MD FACS
Retired General Surgeon at John R Bookwalter Enterprises  Inc
"Chris did a great job of selling and merchandising the Bookwalter Retractor. He treated colleagues and customers with dignity and respect. He knows and understands the surgical instrument business very well and will be an asset to any organisation that he decides to work with  based on his work ethic and positive outlook."

Sunoptic Technologies

Streamline Hospital Services is the Distributor of Sunoptic Technologies for Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas.

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Streamline Hospital Services is the distributor of LogiQuip in Texas.

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Streamlite Lead Protection

Streamline Hospital Services is the distributor of Streamlite Lead Protection nationwide.

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Providing comprehensive over-the-road medical transportation for surgical instrumentation safely and securely.

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Streamline HS partners with Sterile Services nationwide on projects within the SPD.

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Streamline Hospital Services introduces STREAMLITE LEAD, an exciting new line of radiation protection products MADE IN THE USA!

Our line of READY TO PROTECT aprons are in-stock and ready to purchase. StreamLite lead aprons and accessories can be customized to your specifications with a simple appointment request. Due to the new COVID-19 guidelines, Streamlite has made custom measuring easy. We offer video tutorials on how to measure for custom lead and a free measuring tape on request!

In addition, we offer a complete collection of barriers, shields, x-ray markers, patient positioners, drapes, arm boards and more!

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SPD assessment and review, cleaning equipment perfomane testing, Autoclave cycle studies, and set validation.

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